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albahill® Inc. is an organisation specialising in the promotion and sale of innovative products and services. We are official distributors, re-seller or supply channel partner for original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and trading companies combining a nationwide network with many locations serving in and around Turkey. Our professional After-Sales Services helps to create a real added value by saving time and money with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We merchandise your brands in growing economies like Turkey with a population of 80 million people as your potential customers.

Our business is currently divided into 4 main areas by…

  • distributing of broad range of new electronic components,
  • offering unique solutions for construction companies,
  • supplying innovative healthcare products,
  • operating in the field of real estate/facility management including the promotion of smart technologies.



  • Our passion is everything.
  • We believe in opportunities.
  • We follow all innovations in the world.
  • We support new technolgies.
  • We see our partnership as a unique win-win situation.
  • We value our employees very much.
  • We are focussed on helping build a better planet.


After-Sales Support

The availability of albahill® technical team for on-site repairs and the remote assistance guarantee our non-stop cooperation in product maintenance, 365 days a year, round-the-clock. A laboratory equipped with advanced instruments are constantly in function.

Marketing and Sales Support

We are able to buy and manage large quantities of goods from the manufacturer and supply these to individual retailers, thereby eliminating additional resources which would be have been needed for the producer to contact a large number of retailers one by one. Our possibilities provides many benefits for your company. Of course, in coordination with you our active marketing activities makes your brands stronger and well-known in the target market.

Simply access to new and dynamic markets

The search for the ideal partner in Turkey is a crucial step. With our long-time and outstanding experiences we are able to offer directly your products and services (potential) customers in Turkey and border States.


albahill maintains strong partnership with many manufacturers worldwide. Innovative products from our business partners and suppliers guarantee high and consistent quality, with high functionality.

For albahill, the quality has top priority not only for goods, but also in all workflows of the entire corporate organization such as our logistics and after-sales services.

Therefore, our customers benefit from purchasing quality products and innovative offers from all areas which we are present. Our products are subject to quality control before being shipped to our customers. With our professional service we guarantee continuity and reliable service directly on site.

That’s what we stand for – ‚Global brands, best in class support‘


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