Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies that compete in the global arena have to differentiate themselves. Every company that has a vision has a responsibility to firstly seek the benefit of the society.
albahill, which is sensitive to this issue, takes responsibilities to the people living in this geography and environment very seriously. It acts to contribute to the economy and social development of this country.
albahill shows its well-developed social responsibility approach through corporate project and projects it jointly develops with non-governmental organizations.

‘We change’

albahill attaches great strategic importance and economic significance to its commitment to sustainability, which enjoys a high level of recognition. After all, sustainability within the company also stands for progress and the future. The albahill Group's sustainability management is deeply rooted in its corporate strategy and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The aim of sustainability management is to take due consideration of the environmental and societal impacts of each business process, and to reconcile the company's economic imperatives with socio-ecological considerations. Sustainability management and the operating units (Sustainability Team) cooperate closely with each other.

Our Approach

1. Environment

We aim to demonstrate that big business can be good for our planet

Field Engagements: - Climate Advocacy & Engagement - Carbon Reduction - Water - Waste - Green Buildings

2. Responsible Sourcing

We want to to affect positive change together with our partners

Field Engagements: - Materials - Traceability - Worker-well being - Social Procurement

3. Associates, Communities, and Consumers

Our goal is to unleash real change in our communities and beyond

Field Engagements: - Community Engagement (e.g. Corporate Sponsorships, Fatma Seker Foundation, Seker Heritage) - Consumer Engagement

Our Beliefs

We want to go beyond the transactional relationship with our consumers. By connecting people (both our employees and consumers) with causes they are passionate about, we can develop relationships based on a shared sense of purpose. We aim to provide every albahill associate with the opportunity to contribute to their local communities and that albahill with its provided Brands empower consumers to live more active and sustainable lives.

Our Impact & Efforts

While we’ve been in business for several years, it’s clear that our obligation to operate our business with the highest social and environmental standards has never been greater. Our consumers demand it; our associates, business partners and communities expect it; and our planet needs it.

We change, albahill’s new Sustainability & Responsibility strategy, is the underpinning of our current actions and future aspirations. It details how we are fusing our focus on growth, value creation and innovation with our steadfast commitment to lead our industry into a more sustainable future. Looking ahead, we will remain focused and achievement-driven. We aim to cut albahill’s overall environmental impact by half, using science-based targets to guide progress and accountability with our partners to drive positive change.